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Excellent quality and technical strength
Professional power station boiler material supplier

High quality raw materials

High purity steel

Heat resistance

Long service life

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Jiangyin Jiede metal four major advantagesJiede metals continue to forge ahead, cast the industry preferred brand

Select the most cost-effective material for your power plant boiler
Jiede metal from the raw materials, the use of life, durability and other aspects of the starting to provide customers with the most cost-effective material plan
Advanced processing equipment for customers to save cost and time
Jiede metal has a variety of processing equipment, for customers to save valuable time and cost
Strict testing standards to guarantee the best quality of products
Jiede metal to introduce a variety of testing equipment, in strict accordance with the quality management system standards, to ensure that customers get the best quality products
Professional team to provide you with perfect service
Jiede metal has a professional service team, in cooperation in the continuous progress, and dedication to provide all customers with quality products and services

Jiede advisory hotline:

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  Jiangyin Jiede Metal Material Processing Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2013 09 months, covers an area of 20000m2. Company was originally Jiangyin Sanxin precision steel tube Co., Ltd. fine whole flat career department. In September 2013 by Jiangyin Sanxin all transfer to Jiangyin Jiede……


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